• 'Drawings for circulation' 2020

  • Scaffold Project Space, 2019-present

    A crowdfunded DIY project space located in a Garage in North Belfast created as a space for collaborative exchange.

    June 2019

    July 2019

    'for lack of a better voice' - July, 2019

    Simon Shim Sutcilffe

    Luke McLean

    Niall McCallum

    'Garage Song' February 2020

    Mark Buckeridge




    Photo: Simon Mills

  • 'Tandem' 2020-2022

    A tandem adapter for a park swing

    ply, pine, steel chain, steel bar, carbriner, carraige bolts, ceiling hooks

    Titwood Park, 2020

    'Tandem' at Mid-Wharf Art & Design (MAaD) May-June 2021

    'Tandem' donated to The Bowling Green community commons in Polloksheilds, Glasgow.

    February 2022

  • One, Two, 3: a-Musical, 2020

    The Gardeners Bothy, Studio Pavillion at House for an Art Lover, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow


    Birch ply, steel bar, rubber mallets, contact microphones, dimensions variable, 2020

  • Shell, 2019

    A4 printed paper, poem, shell taken from the Gulf of Mexico in 1998 (2019)

    Poem detail

  • Skimming, 2019

    Memories written on large stones and skimmed into open water - an experiment in emotional scaffolding.
    25 minutes 47 seconds

  • Coming back in, 2019


  • Digesting, 2019


  • 'Eighty-three naked moments (with you)' 2019

    Eighty-three memories generated during a workshop exploring emotional visualisation and the vulnerability of grief posted to Eighty-three UK homes using a random address generator.

  • 'when the sash window fell on my fingers and other stories' 2018

    ply, red pine, text, laminated paper, bubblewrap, sash window, variable dimensions, 2020

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    Polloksheilds, Glasgow